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Possable Causes

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Some Reasons Why Kids Wont Read

  • By the time many students reach high school, they equate reading with ridicule, failure or exclusively school-related tasks.
  • Teenagers are too self-absorbed and preoccupied with their problems, families, sexual roles, jobs etc., to make connections between their world and books.
  • Teenagers do not feel they have time to read with all their activities and academic required reading.
  • Books are inadequate entertainment compared to other media such as television, video games and the Internet.
  • Persistent stress from home and school to read constantly is counterproductive for some adolescents.
  • Adolescents may grow up in non-reading homes void of reading material with no reading role models. There is no one to pass the value of reading.
  • Some adolescents consider reading solitary and anti-social.
  • Our definition of what we consider “good reading” is too narrow, and we discourage students from reading things that appeal to them (newspapers, comic books, magazines).
  • Reading is not cool.

The list is adapted from Patrick Jones paper on Reaching Reluctant Readers: Tips, Tools, and Techniques  and Patrick Higgins Not the Drop-Off!


image: “On the platform, reading” by flicker user moriza CC license Attribution 2.0 Generic

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